EVS-EN ISO 4519:2016

Electrodeposited metallic coatings and related finishes - Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes (ISO 4519:1980)

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Valid from 03.05.2016
Base Documents
ISO 4519:1980; EN ISO 4519:2016
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Standard history
This International Standard establishes sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes of electrodeposited metallic coatings. It may be applied to related finishes by agreement between the supplier and the purchaser. It is based on ISO 2859 (see also Addendum 1 to ISO 2859). The sampling plans in this International Standard are applicable, but not limited, to the inspection of end items, components, materials in process and finished products in storage. The plans are intended primarily to be used for a continuing series of lots, but they may also be used for the inspection of isolated lots. However, the assurance given for isolated lots is lower than that given for a continuing series of lots. This International Standard is not applicable to the sampling and testing of mechanical fasteners having electrodeposited metallic coatings or related finishes, in all the circumstances for which procedures for these components are specified in ISO 3269. The sampling plans given in this International Standard are based on AQLs1) of 1,5 and 4,0 %. Other AQLs may be used if specified in the product specification, in which case reference should be made to ISO 2859 and its Addendum 1. It is also possible to formulate sampling plans based on inspection by variables.
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