EVS-EN ISO 534:2011

Paper and board - Determination of thickness, density and specific volume (ISO 534:2011)

General information
Valid from 05.12.2011
Base Documents
ISO 534:2011; EN ISO 534:2011
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This International Standard specifies two methods for measuring the thickness of paper and board: a) the measurement of a single sheet of paper or board as a single sheet thickness; b) the measurement of a pack of sheets of paper as a bulking thickness. This International Standard also specifies calculation methods - for the apparent sheet density and for the apparent bulk density, and - for the apparent specific sheet volume and for the apparent specific bulk volume from the thickness determinations. This International Standard is not applicable to corrugated fibreboard. In addition, the measurement of bulking thickness, method b) above, is not suitable for board1).
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