EVS-EN ISO 6330:2021

Textiles - Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing (ISO 6330:2021)

General information
Valid from 15.12.2021
Base Documents
ISO 6330:2021; EN ISO 6330:2021
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1.1  This document specifies domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing. The procedures are applicable to textile fabrics, garments or other textile articles which are subjected to appropriate combinations of domestic washing and drying procedures. This document also specifies the reference detergents and ballasts for the procedures. 1.2 Provision is made for a) 16 different washing procedures based on the use of the reference washing machine Type A: horizontal axis, front-loading type, b) 12 procedures based on the use of the reference washing machine Type B: vertical axis, top-loading agitator type, and c) 7 procedures based on the use of the reference washing machine Type C: vertical axis, top-loading pulsator type. 1.3 Each washing procedure represents a single domestic wash. 1.4 This document also specifies six drying procedures: line dry, line drip dry, flat dry, flat drip dry, flat press, and tumble dry. 1.5 A complete test consists of a washing and drying procedure. NOTE Use of different parameters (washing machine type, detergent type and type of tumble dryer) can affect test results for any test using this document.
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