EVS-EN ISO 75-1:2020

Plastics - Determination of temperature of deflection under load - Part 1: General test method (ISO 75-1:2020)

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Valid from 02.04.2020
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ISO 75-1:2020; EN ISO 75-1:2020
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1.1 This document gives a general test method for the determination of the temperature of deflection under load (flexural stress under three-point loading) of plastics. Different types of test specimen and different constant loads are defined to suit different types of material. 1.2 ISO 75-2 gives specific requirements for plastics (including filled plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics in which the fibre length, prior to processing, is up to 7,5 mm) and ebonite, while ISO 75-3 gives specific requirements for high-strength thermosetting laminates and long-fibre-reinforced plastics in which the fibre length, prior to processing, is greater than 7,5 mm. 1.3 The methods specified are suitable for assessing the relative behaviour of different types of material at elevated temperature under load at a specified rate of temperature increase. The results obtained do not necessarily represent maximum applicable temperatures because, in practice, essential factors, such as time, loading conditions and nominal surface stress, can differ from the test conditions. True comparability of data can only be achieved for materials having the same room-temperature flexural modulus. 1.4 The methods specify preferred dimensions for the test specimens. 1.5 Data obtained using the test methods described are not intended to be used to predict actual end-use performance. The data are not intended for design analysis or prediction of the endurance of materials at elevated temperatures. 1.6 This method is commonly known as the heat deflection temperature or heat distortion temperature (HDT) test, although there is no official document using this designation.
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