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EVS-EN ISO/ASTM 52920:2023

Additive manufacturing - Qualification principles - Requirements for industrial additive manufacturing processes and production sites (ISO/ASTM 52920:2023)

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Valid from 01.08.2023
Base Documents
ISO/ASTM 52920:2023; EN ISO/ASTM 52920:2023
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The requirements in this document are for part manufacturers using additive manufacturing techniques and are independent of the used material and manufacturing method.
This document specifies criteria for AM relevant processes as well as quality-relevant characteristics and factors along the additive system operations and defines activities and sequences within an additive manufacturing production site.
This document is applicable to the additive manufacturing technologies defined in ISO/ASTM 52900 and defines quality assurance measures along the manufacturing process.
Environment, health and safety aspects are not covered comprehensively in this document. The corresponding content is addressed in the equipment manufacturer guidelines and ISO/ASTM 52931, ISO 27548, ISO/ASTM 52933 and ISO/ASTM 52938-1.
This document provides requirements that are additional to those provided by a quality management system (such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22163, ISO 19443, EN 9100, ISO 13485, IATF 16949). Additionally, this document can be used to establish quality management system relevant content that is specific to AM-technology.

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