EVS-HD 60364-7-704:2007

Low voltage electrical installations - Part 7-704: Requirements for special installations or locations - Construction and demolition site installations

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Withdrawn from 04.06.2018
Base Documents
IEC 60364-7-704:2005; HD 60364-7-704:2007; HD 60364-7-704:2007/AC:2008
Directives or regulations
Standard history
EVS-HD 384.7.704 S1:2004
The special requirements of this part apply to temporary installations for construction and demolition sites during the period of the construction or demolition work, including for example the following: – construction work of new buildings; – repair, alteration, extension, demolition of existing buildings or parts of existing buildings;– engineering works;– earthworks;– work of similar nature. The requirements apply to fixed or moveable installations. The rules do not apply to – installations covered by the IEC 60621 series where equipment of a similar nature to that used in surface mining applications is involved; – installations in administrative locations of construction sites offices, cloakrooms, meeting rooms, canteens, restaurants, dormitories, toilets, etc.) where the general rules of Parts 1 to 6 of HD 60364 apply. NOTE. For special situations, more severe requirements apply, e.g. HD 60364-7-706 for conductive locations with restricted movement. The requirements of this part are applicable to – fixed installations limited to the assembly comprising the main controlgear and the main protective device; NOTE. The place where such an assembly is located is considered to be the interface between the supply system and the construction site installations. – installations on the load side of the above assembly comprising mobile or transportable electrical equipment as part of the movable installations.
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