EVS-ISO 11352:2017

Water quality - Estimation of measurement uncertainity based on validation and quality control data (ISO 11352:2012)

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Valid from 18.09.2017
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ISO 11352:2012
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This International Standard specifies methods for the estimation of measurement uncertainty of chemical and physicochemical methods in single laboratories based on validation data and analytical quality control results obtained within the field of water analysis. NOTE 1 The principles of the estimation of uncertainty specified in this International Standard are consistent with the principles described in ISO/IEC Guide 98-3. In this International Standard, the quantification of measurement uncertainty relies on performance characteristics of a measurement procedure obtained from validation and the results of internal and external quality control. NOTE 2 The approaches specified in this International Standard are mainly based on QUAM[11], NEN 7779[8], Nordtest TR 537[10], and Eurolab TR 1[9]. NOTE 3 This International Standard only addresses the evaluation of measurement uncertainty for results obtained from quantitative measurement procedures. The uncertainties associated with results obtained from qualitative procedures are not considered.
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