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EVS-ISO 15705:2004

Water quality - Determination of the chemical oxygen demand index (ST-COD) - Small-scale sealed-tube method

General information

Valid from 04.06.2004
Base Documents
ISO 15705:2002
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Standard history

This International Standard specifies a method for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (ST-COD) using
the sealed tube method. The test is empirical and is applicable to any aqueous sample, which includes all sewage and
waste waters.
The method is applicable to undiluted samples having ST-COD values up to 1 000 mg/l and a chloride concentration
not exceeding 1 000 mg/l. Samples with higher ST-COD values require predilution. For samples with a low COD, the
precision of the measurement will be reduced and the detection limit will be poorer.
Samples with a high chloride concentration will need to be prediluted to give a chloride concentration of approximately
1 000 mg/l or less before analysis.
The method oxidizes almost all types of organic compounds and most inorganic reducing agents. It has a detection
limit (4,65 times the within-batch standard deviation of a blank or very low standard) of 6 mg/l for photometric detection
at 600 nm, and 15 mg/l for titrimetric detection as reported by one laboratory comparing the photometric and titrimetric
techniques using a commercial test kit with a range up to 1 000 mg/l.
The titrimetric part of this International Standard is applicable to samples exhibiting an atypical colour or turbidity after
the digestion stage.
NOTE A comparison between the full-scale method (ISO 6060) and the method of this International Standard is given in
annex A. A discussion of possible hazards is given in annex B. Information on commercial small-scale test kits is given in
annex C. The method can be used over a reduced range (see annexes D and E). For checking the chloride concentration, see
annex F.

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