EVS-ISO 15836-2:2023

Information and documentation - The Dublin Core metadata element set - Part 2: DCMI Properties and classes (ISO 15836-2:2019, identical)

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Valid from 02.05.2023
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ISO 15836-2:2019
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This document establishes a vocabulary for cross-domain resource description, known as the Dublin Core metadata terms (hereafter DCMI Metadata Terms). It includes all of the properties and classes in the main namespace of DCMI Metadata Terms2) (hereafter “the /terms/ namespace”), as published in the DCMI Recommendation document “DCMI Metadata Terms” of 2012 (DCMI-TERMS and Annex A). As explained in Annex B, these properties and classes can be identified by URIs for use in linked data.
NOTE The 15 terms of the original Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, as defined in the namespace https:// purl .org/ dc/ elements/ 1 .1/ (hereafter “the /elements/1.1/ namespace”), are also documented in the DCMI Recommendation “DCMI Metadata Terms” and in ISO 15836-1.
This document does not contain the following supporting terms from “DCMI Metadata Terms” specification:
a) terms from the /elements/1.1/ namespace (included in ISO 15836-1);
b) vocabulary encoding schemes;
c) syntax encoding schemes;
d) DCMI Type vocabulary;
e) terms related to the DCMI Abstract Model.
Both ISO 15836-1 and this document include the 15 so-called core terms, but in ISO 15836-1 they are from the /elements/1.1/ namespace, and in this document from the /terms/ namespace. In the latter, the terms have narrower semantics due to formal domain and range specifications.
This document does not limit what might be a resource.
This document does not provide specific implementation guidelines. The properties and classes are typically used in the context of an application profile, which constrains or specifies their use in accordance with local or community-based requirements and policies.
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