EVS-ISO 1928-MOD:2021

Coal and coke - Determination of gross calorific value (ISO 1928:2020, modified)

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Valid from 17.08.2021
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ISO 1928:2020
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This document specifies a method for the determination of the gross calorific value of a solid mineral fuel at constant volume and at the reference temperature of 25 °C in a combustion vessel calorimeter calibrated by combustion of certified benzoic acid.
The result obtained is the gross calorific value of the analysis sample at constant volume with all the water of the combustion products as liquid water. In practice, fuel is burned at constant (atmospheric) pressure and the water is not condensed but is removed as vapour with the flue gases. Under these conditions, the operative heat of combustion is the net calorific value of the fuel at constant pressure. The net calorific value at constant volume can also be used; formulae are given for calculating both values.
General principles and procedures for the calibrations and the fuel tests are specified in the main text, whereas those pertaining to the use of a particular type of calorimetric instrument are described in Annexes A to C. Annex D contains checklists for performing calibration and fuel tests using specified types of calorimeters. Annex E gives examples illustrating some of the calculations. Annex F provides guidance around safe use, maintenance and testing of the calorimeter combustion vessel.
NOTE  Descriptors: solid fuels, coal, coke, [MOD] oil shale [MOD], tests, determination, calorific value, rules of calculation, calorimetry.
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