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IEC 62489-2:2014

Electroacoustics - Audio-frequency induction loop systems for assisted hearing - Part 2: Methods of calculating and measuring the low-frequency magnetic field emissions from the loop for assessing conformity with guidelines on limits for human exposure

General information

Valid from 24.09.2014
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Standard history

IEC 62489-2:2014 applies to audio-frequency induction-loop systems for assisted hearing. It may also be applied to such systems used for other purposes, as far as it is applicable. The standard is intended for assessment of human exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields produced by the system, by calculation and by in-situ testing. This standard does not deal with other aspects of safety, for which IEC 60065 applies, or with EMC. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2011. This edition constitutes a technical revision which includes significant technical changes to reflect several updates to the ICNIRP Guide (Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields) to which it makes frequent reference. The most significant change is that the underlying metric in the Guide has been changed from tissue current density to induced electric field.
Keywords: hearing aid, accessibility, surdity, deafness

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104.90 € incl tax
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