IEC 62807-3:2023

Hybrid telecommunication cables - Part 3: Outdoor hybrid cables - Sectional specification

General information
Valid from 07.02.2023
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Standard history

IEC 62807-3:2023 is a sectional specification for outdoor hybrid communication cables intended to be used externally in various applications. It specifies terms, definitions, symbols and abbreviated terms, the design and construction, rated values and characteristics, performance requirements and test methods, packaging and quality assurance.
Hybrid cables are designed for networks and customer premises cabling that transmit data, telecommunication, instrumentation, control and signalling services over optical fibres and/or broadband data over coaxial element, wire/pair/quad element and can have the option of supplying electrical current to a remote equipment.
In the IEC 62807 series, the current carrying elements are used only to supply power to the equipment within the communication network. They are not used for electricity distribution or transmission, nor for power supply to domestic appliances. The specific uses are defined in the relevant specification.
The relationship between each of the MICE classifications in ISO/IEC 11801-1, performance requirements and test methods of hybrid cables being proposed in a specific application are fully considered and aligned.
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104.90 € incl tax
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