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IEC 63254:2022

Management and interfaces for WPT - Device-to-device wireless charging (D2DWC) for mobile devices with wireless power TX/RX module

General information

Valid from 28.09.2022
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Standard history

IEC 63254:2022 defines the specification and the control protocol of the D2DWC module for the use of wireless power TX and RX functions by a single device. The related antenna physical design examples for sharing information are presented in Annex A.
This document proposes the D2DWC module circuit requirement, which consists of the D2DWC main AP, D2DWC IC, the EMT/WPT antenna unit and the PMIC unit. In Clause 5, the register information and message protocols for WPT control are defined in order to implement the WPT TX function.
In this document, the interface and protocol in the wireless power process of the mobile device can be used in accordance with the corresponding wireless power transfer standard. Any wireless power transfer standard working within the 100 kHz to 350 kHz frequency range can be included in the scope of this document.
This document can be used for mobile wireless power transfer in mobile phones and other mobile devices, IoT devices, micro-sensor industries and related application fields.

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308.11 € incl tax
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