IEC TR 60825-3:2022

Safety of laser products - Part 3: Guidance for laser displays and shows

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Valid from 13.07.2022
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IEC TR 60825-3:2022 gives guidance on the planning and design, set-up and conduct of laser displays and shows that make use of high power lasers emitting output between 380 nm and 780 nm.
This document is a code of practice for the design, installation, operation and evaluation of the safety of laser light shows and displays, and the equipment employed in their production. This document is also intended for persons who modify laser display installations or equipment.
The laser power needed to produce visually effective theatrical or artistic displays in large spaces such as theatres, arenas, or architectural sites is great enough to pose a severe accidental exposure hazard, even when personal exposure is very brief. For this reason, IEC TR 60825-14 states that only laser products that are Class 1, Class 2 or visible-beam Class 3R should be used for demonstration, display or entertainment purposes in unsupervised areas. Only under carefully controlled conditions and under the control of a trained experienced operator can laser products of higher classes be used for visual entertainment.
This document expands upon the principles considered in IEC TR 60825-14, providing specific technical guidance appropriate for the safe use of laser products used for the purposes of visual entertainment.
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