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IEC TR 61850-90-27:2023

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 90-27: Use of IEC 61850 for thermal energy systems connected to electric power grid

General information

Valid from 16.08.2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

IEC TR 61850-90-27:2023, which is a Technical Report, is to provide basic aspects that need to be considered when using IEC 61850 for information exchange between systems and components to support applications for thermal systems connected to electric power networks. Thermal systems isolated from electric power networks are outside the scope of this document.
From the perspective of category, this document considers thermal systems that provide thermal energy services for residential and/or commercial buildings and districts. In other words, industrial thermal systems are outside the scope of this document.
From the perspective of energy transformation, this document deals with ones between electricity and thermal energy. Other types of energy such as gas will be documented in a future report.
From the perspective of resource, this document considers generic aspects of thermal energy generators, storage, and loads that may contribute to the operations and management of electric power networks. It also deals with specific types of resources that have electric parts such as power to heat (P2H) that is a kind of electric load, and combined heat and power (CHP) that is an electric generator. This document models the characteristics for such specific units of resources including alarms and ratings. On the other hand, it does not deal with other types of specific units according to the scope of this document. For example, gas boilers, thermal energy tanks, heat exchangers, HVAC, auxiliary devices for thermal systems are not modelled as logical nodes in this document.
As a summary, this document
- gives an overview of thermal energy resources connected to electric power networks.
- provides use cases for typical operations of thermal system and deducts exchanged information necessary for information modelling.
- provides mapping of requirements on LNs based on the use cases.
- defines generic logical nodes for resources in thermal systems.
- defines logical nodes for specific unit types of P2H and CHP.
- defines logical nodes for operations that may contribute to the operations of electric power networks.

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