ISO 10975:2009

Tractors and machinery for agriculture -- Auto-guidance systems for operator-controlled tractors and self-propelled machines -- Safety requirements

General information
Valid from 29.10.2009
Directives or regulations
Standard history
ISO 10975:2009 specifies safety requirements for auto-guidance systems used in agricultural tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines. It is applicable to auto-guidance systems which are factory installed as an integral part of the tractor or self-propelled machine as well as systems designed to be retrofitted to equipment after such equipment has left the control of the manufacturer. It is not applicable to guidance systems used in tractors or self-propelled machines that do not require an on-board operator for primary control of the tractor or self-propelled machine. ISO 10975:2009 does not specify requirements necessary to ensure the integrity of the complex electronic control system which can be an integral part of the auto-guidance system. Such requirements are dealt with in other International Standards which address complex electrical/electronic vehicle control systems.
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