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ISO 11090-2:2014

Test conditions for die sinking electro-discharge machines (die sinking EDM) -- Testing of the accuracy -- Part 2: Double-column machines (slide-head type)

General information

Valid from 24.11.2014
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 11090-2:2014 specifies, with reference to ISO 230-1 and ISO 230-2, geometric and machining tests and tests for checking accuracy and repeatability of numerically controlled positioning axes for normal accuracy and general-purpose die sinking electro-discharge machines (die sinking EDM). It also specifies the applicable tolerances corresponding to the above-mentioned tests.
ISO 11090-2:2014 is applicable to double-column machines of slide-head type.
ISO 11090-2:2014 deals only with the verification of accuracy of the machine. It does not apply to the testing of the machine operation (vibrations, abnormal noises, stick-slip motion of components, etc.) or to the checking of its characteristics (such as speeds, feeds, etc.), which should generally be checked before the testing of the accuracy.
ISO 11090-2:2014 provides the terminology used for the principal components of the machine and the designation of the axes with reference to ISO 841:2001.
NOTE  In addition to the terms used in the official ISO languages (English and French), Annex A of this part of ISO 11090 gives the equivalent terms in the Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish, Persian, and Japanese languages. These are published under the responsibility of the national member bodies for Netherlands (NEN), Germany (DIN), Italy (UNI), Sweden (SIS), Iran (ISIRI), and Japan (JISC). However, only the terms given in the official languages can be considered as ISO terms.

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