ISO 12710:2002

Non-destructive testing -- Ultrasonic inspection -- Evaluating electronic characteristics of ultrasonic test instruments

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Withdrawn from 25.01.2022
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ISO 12710 describes a set of procedures for the measurement of any performances in an ultrasonic test instrument that has a display screen.
This International Standard establishes the procedures for measuring performance characteristics of components of pulse-echo ultrasonic non-destructive testing instruments including both analog and digital type instruments with screen displays. The aim is to establish uniformity of evaluation techniques, to form a basis for data correlation and for interpretation of results obtained from different laboratories and at different times. Note that ISO 12710 establishes no acceptance criteria; such criteria should be specified by user parties.
The usual components of ultrasonic non-destructive testing instruments and the performance characteristics for which procedures for measuring these characteristics are described including:
line regulation; battery discharge time; battery charge time; pulse shape; pulse amplitude; pulse rise time; pulse length; pulse frequency spectrum; vertical linearity; frequency response; noise and sensitivity; dB controls; horizontal linearity; clock (pulse repetition rate); delay and width; resolution; alarm level; gain uniformity; analog output; back-echo gate linearity.
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