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ISO 13628-6:2006

Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Design and operation of subsea production systems -- Part 6: Subsea production control systems

General information

Valid from 10.05.2006
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 13628-6:2006 is applicable to design, fabrication, testing, installation and operation of subsea production control systems.
ISO 13628-6:2006 covers surface control system equipment, subsea-installed control system equipment and control fluids. This equipment is utilized for control of subsea production of oil and gas and for subsea water and gas injection services. Where applicable, ISO 13628-6:2006 can be used for equipment on multiple-well applications.
ISO 13628-6:2006 establishes design standards for systems, subsystems, components and operating fluids in order to provide for the safe and functional control of subsea production equipment.
ISO 13628-6:2006 contains various types of information related to subsea production control systems. They are
informative data that provide an overview of the architecture and general functionality of control systems for the purpose of introduction and information;basic prescriptive data that shall be adhered to by all types of control system;selective prescriptive data that are control-system-type sensitive and shall be adhered to only when they are relevant;optional data or requirements that need be adopted only when considered necessary either by the purchaser or the vendor.
In view of the diverse nature of the data provided, control system purchasers and specifiers are advised to select from ISO 13628-6:2006 only the provisions needed for the application at hand. Failure to adopt a selective approach to the provisions contained herein can lead to overspecification and higher purchase costs.
Rework and repair of used equipment are beyond the scope of ISO 13628-6:2006.

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