ISO 15031-3:2016

Road vehicles -- Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emissions-related diagnostics -- Part 3: Diagnostic connector and related electrical circuits: Specification and use

General information
Valid from 06.04.2016
Directives or regulations
Standard history
ISO 15031-3:2016 references the latest publication of SAE J1962. On-board diagnostic (OBD) regulations require road vehicles to be equipped with a standardized connector for purposes of access to OBD information by ISO 15031-4 compliant external test equipment. This part of ISO 15031 describes the requirements for the physical connection and associated pin usage to allow for standard access to the OBD data. The first edition of this part of ISO 15031 was based on SAE J1962 and was intended to meet European OBD requirements for 2000 and later model year vehicles, and added a modified connector type to accommodate vehicles with a 24 V system. This revised part of ISO 15031 is technically equivalent to SAE J1962 with the exception of the specific requirements identified in the document. ISO 15031-3:2016 specifies additional requirements related to right hand driven (RHD) vehicles. Annex A and Annex B are for information and not required to fulfil emissions-related OBD.
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