ISO 15536-2:2007

Ergonomics -- Computer manikins and body templates -- Part 2: Verification of functions and validation of dimensions for computer manikin systems

General information
Valid from 21.02.2007
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 15536-2:2007 establishes the requirements for the verification of the functions and validation of dimensions of computer manikins. These requirements concern the documentation of the data employed to construct computer manikins and the methods employed to verify and validate their functions with regards to their dimensional accuracy.
ISO 15536-2:2007 extends to anthropometric and biomechanical data and to software functions as they are applied to create computer manikins. Although this document primarily refers to anthropometric data and methods, some biomechanical parameters are required to build and apply computer manikins and are therefore included.
ISO 15536-2:2007 provides a framework for reporting computer manikin accuracy and human-source data. The standard is intended to enable even non-specialist users of the manikin systems to independently perform measurements of each function under field testing conditions using automated software tools provided by developers.
It is not intended to require developers to perform specific verification and validation of their manikin systems.
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