ISO 20283-5:2016

Mechanical vibration -- Measurement of vibration on ships -- Part 5: Guidelines for measurement, evaluation and reporting of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships

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Valid from 02.12.2016
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ISO 20283-5:2016 gives guidelines for the measurement, evaluation and reporting of vibration with regard to habitability for all persons on-board passenger and merchant ships, especially for crew. Overall frequency-weighted r.m.s. vibration values in the frequency range 1 Hz to 80 Hz are given as guideline values for different areas on ships. ISO 20283-5:2016 is applicable to passenger and merchant ships with intended voyages of 24 h or more. ISO 20283-5:2016 specifies requirements for the instrumentation and the procedure of measurement in normally occupied spaces. It also contains analysis specifications and guidelines for the evaluation of ship vibration with respect to habitability. The evaluation of low-frequency ship motion which can result in motion sickness is covered by ISO 2631-1. For the evaluation of the global structural vibration of a ship, however, see ISO 20283-2.
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