ISO 20901:2020

Intelligent transport systems -- Emergency electronic brake light systems (EEBL) -- Performance requirements and test procedures

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Valid from 14.04.2020
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This document contains the basic alert strategy, minimum functionality requirements, basic driver interface elements, minimum requirements for diagnostics and reaction to failure, and performance test procedures for Emergency Electronic Brake Light systems (EEBL). EEBL alerts the driver against danger caused by the emergency braking of an FV on the upcoming road, so that the driver may reduce the speed. The system does not include the means to control the vehicle to meet the desired speed. The responsibility for safe operation of the vehicle always remains with the driver. The scope of this document does not include performance requirements and test procedures of the wireless communication device used for EEBL. The requirements of communication devices are defined in other standards, e.g. the IEEE series listed in the Bibliography[6][7][8]. The test procedure in this document is designed for third party testing of the product while the test procedure can also be used for other stakeholders such as manufacturers or consumer unions. The document applies to light duty vehicles and heavy vehicles. These systems are not intended for off-road use.
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