ISO 30434:2023

Human resource management — Workforce allocation

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Valid from 12.06.2023
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This document describes a framework of processes, practices and management activities for allocating work to workers. Its high-level principles and processes are applicable to all allocation methods and workforce types. It can be used in all types of organizations and industry sectors, and from small teams to large complex organizations. It applies to all workforce sourcing methods, whether the workforce is made up of internal employees or externally sourced workers.
This document also addresses the relationship between allocation decisions and stakeholders, including operations, finance, human resource functions and, most importantly, workers.
This document explains how to create an allocation framework, design an allocation process and document, communicate, measure and improve the process. It also suggests preventative actions to stop or mitigate undesirable outcomes.
This document does not address:
a)    absence management or planning or timekeeping;
b)    role or skill-based workforce planning (refer to ISO 30409);
c)    labour standards;
d)    training or succession planning;
e)    recruitment (refer to ISO 30405 and ISO 30409);
f)     compensation or performance reviews;
g)    health and safety (refer to ISO 45001);
h)    work ergonomics (refer to ISO 6385);
i)     methods of organizing specific types of work (e.g. lean manufacturing, agile project management);
j)     automation of tasks using “digital workers”, such as physical robots and artificial intelligence bots.
Annexes to this document describe details and foundational concepts of allocation applied in various industries as examples to support the theory.
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226.82 € incl tax
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