ISO/ASTM 52939:2023

Additive manufacturing for construction — Qualification principles — Structural and infrastructure elements

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Valid from 04.12.2023
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This document specifies quality assurance requirements for additive construction (AC) concerning building and construction projects in which additive manufacturing techniques are used for construction. The requirements are independent of the material(s) and process category used.
This document does not apply to metals.
This document specifies the criteria for additive construction processes, quality-relevant characteristics, and factors along AC system operations. It further specifies activities and sequences within an AC cell (additive construction site) and project.
This document applies to all additive manufacturing technologies in building and construction (load bearing and non-load bearing), structural and infrastructure building elements for residential and commercial applications and follows an approach oriented to the process.
This document does not cover environmental, health and safety aspects that apply to printing facility setup, material handling, operating of robotic equipment, and packing of equipment and/or elements for shipping but material supplier guidelines, robotic solution operating guidelines, and local and regional requirements are applicable.
This document does not cover design approvals, material properties characterization and testing.
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226.82 € incl tax
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