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ISO/IEC 13249-6:2002

Information technology -- Database languages -- SQL multimedia and application packages -- Part 6: Data mining

General information

Withdrawn from 25.10.2006
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO/IEC 13249-6:2002 specifies an interface for data mining to enable standard access to and storage and manipulation of typical data structures in data mining.
ISO/IEC 13249-6:2002 specifies
user-defined types for the four major data mining functionsassociation rules,clustering,classification,and regression,routines to manipulate these user-defined types to allowsetting parameters for mining activities,training of mining models,testing of mining models,and application of mining models,user-defined types for data structures common across these data mining functions to capture metadata for data mining input.
ISO/IEC 13249-6:2002 provides for interchange of data mining models so that models built on one system can be imported and deployed in other environments.

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