ISO/IEC 14496-20:2008

Information technology -- Coding of audio-visual objects -- Part 20: Lightweight Application Scene Representation (LASeR) and Simple Aggregation Format (SAF)

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Valid from 20.11.2008
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ISO/IEC 14496-20:2008 defines a scene description format (LASeR) and an aggregation format (SAF) respectively suitable for representing and delivering rich-media services to resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones. LASeR aims at fulfilling all the requirements of rich-media services at the scene description level. LASeR supports: an optimized set of objects inherited from SVG to describe rich-media scenes, a small set of key compatible extensions over SVG, the ability to encode and transmit a LASeR stream and then reconstruct SVG content, dynamic updating of the scene to achieve a reactive, smooth and continuous service, simple yet efficient compression to improve delivery and parsing times, as well as storage size, one of the design goals being to allow both for a direct implementation of the SDL as documented, as well as for a decoder compliant with ISO/IEC 23001-1 to decode the LASeR bitstream, an efficient interface with audio and visual streams with frame-accurate synchronization, use of any font format, including the OpenType industry standard, and easy conversion from other popular rich-media formats in order to leverage existing content and developer communities. Technology selection criteria for LASeR included compression efficiency, but also code and memory footprint and performance. Other aims included: scalability, adaptability to the user context, extensibility of the format, ability to define small profiles, feasibility of a J2ME implementation, error resilience and safety of implementations. SAF aims at fulfilling all the requirements of rich-media services at the interface between media/scene description and existing transport protocols: simple aggregation of any type of stream, signaling of MPEG and non-MPEG streams, optimized packet headers for bandwidth-limited networks, easy mapping to popular streaming formats, cache management capability, and extensibility. SAF has been designed to complement LASeR for simple, interactive services, bringing: efficient and dynamic packaging to cope with high latency networks, media interleaving, and synchronization support with a very low overhead. ISO/IEC 14496-20:2008 defines the usage of SAF for LASeR content; however, LASeR can be used independently from SAF.
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