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ISO/IEC 15415:2011

Information technology -- Automatic identification and data capture techniques -- Bar code symbol print quality test specification -- Two-dimensional symbols

General information

Valid from 15.12.2011
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO/IEC 15415:2011

specifies two methodologies for the measurement of specific attributes of two-dimensional bar code symbols, one of these being applicable to multi-row bar code symbologies and the other to two-dimensional matrix symbologies;
defines methods for evaluating and grading these measurements and deriving an overall assessment of symbol quality;
gives information on possible causes of deviation from optimum grades to assist users in taking appropriate corrective action.

ISO/IEC 15415:2011 applies to those two-dimensional symbologies for which a reference decode algorithm has been defined, but its methodologies can be applied partially or wholly to other similar symbologies.
While ISO/IEC 15415:2011 can be applied to direct part marks, it is possible that better correlation between measurement results and scanning performance will be obtained with ISO/IEC TR 29158 in combination with ISO/IEC 15415:2011.

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226.82 € incl tax
226.82 € incl tax
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