ISO/IEC 24752-3:2008

Information technology -- User interfaces -- Universal remote console -- Part 3: Presentation template

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Withdrawn from 19.01.2016
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ISO/IEC 24752 facilitates operation of information and electronic products through remote and alternative interfaces and intelligent agents. ISO/IEC 24752-3:2008 defines a language (presentation template markup language) for describing modality-independent user interface specifications, or presentation templates, associated with a user interface socket description as defined by ISO/IEC 24752-2. The purpose of a presentation template is to provide the universal remote console (URC) defined in ISO/IEC 24752-1 with hints as to how to build a usable and consistent user interface for a target device or service that is described in a user interface socket description as referenced above. The hints are of an abstract nature, and are intended to apply to any delivery context. These hints primarily provide information on structuring, grouping and linearization of the socket elements. Elements within a presentation template can be referenced by atomic resources whose format is given by ISO/IEC 24752-5. Taken together, a presentation template, socket description, and appropriate atomic resources can be used to construct a user interface in any modality (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile, multimodal), through which a user can access and control a target.
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