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ISO/IEC 29102:2023

Information technology — Office equipment — Method for the determination of ink cartridge yield for colour photo printing with inkjet printers and multi-function devices that contain inkjet printer components

General information

Valid from 06.10.2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

The purpose of this document is to provide a method to determine the ink cartridge yield of ink-containing cartridges (i.e. integrated ink cartridges and ink cartridges without integrated print heads) for colour photo printing with colour inkjet printers and multifunction devices that contain inkjet printer components. In the case where a cartridge set can be used in multiple printer models, only one yield test is performed as long as the difference between printer models does not impact yield.
NOTE            A cartridge supplier can choose to use more than one market identifier for a single physical cartridge. In this case only one yield test is required as long as there are no differences in the cartridges other than market identifiers.
This document prescribes the following:
—     the test method that manufacturers, test laboratories, etc. use to determine ink cartridge yield;
—     the method for determination of declared cartridge yield values for photo printing from the test results; and
—     the appropriate method of describing the cartridge yield for photo printing in documentation supplied to the consumer by the manufacturer.
This document is only intended for the determination of ink cartridge yield. No other claims can be made from this testing regarding quality, reliability, etc.
This document can be used to determine the yield of any cartridge that is used during the printing of the photo test file defined in ISO/IEC 29103.
This document is not for use with printers whose minimum printable size is equal to or greater than A3. This document is not intended to measure the yield of photo printing on paper size larger than 4" × 6", L or A6. In addition, this document is not for use with industrial printers or point of sale printers. It only applies to desktop printing systems.

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