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ISO/IEC 3721:2023

Information technology — Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation —Information model for mixed and augmented reality content — Core objects and attributes

General information

Valid from 22.09.2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document specifies the information model for representing the mixed and augmented reality (MAR) scene/contents description, namely, information constructs for:
a)       representing the virtual reality scene graph and structure such that a comprehensive range of mixed and augmented reality contents can also be represented;
b)       representing physical objects in the mixed and augmented reality scene targeted for augmentation;
c)        representing physical objects as augmentation to other (virtual or physical) objects in the mixed and augmented reality scene;
d)       providing ways to spatially associate aforementioned physical objects with the corresponding target objects (virtual or physical) in the mixed and augmented reality scene;
e)       providing other necessary functionalities and abstractions that will support the dynamic MAR scene description such as event/data mapping, and dynamic augmentation behaviours;
f)         describing the association between these constructs and the MAR system which is responsible for taking and interpreting this information model and rendering/presenting it out through the MAR display device.

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