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ISO/IEC 7816-15:2004

Identification cards -- Integrated circuit cards -- Part 15: Cryptographic information application

General information

Withdrawn from 09.05.2016
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO/IEC 7816-15:2004 specifies a card application. This application contains information on cryptographic functionality. Further, ISO/IEC 7816-15:2004 defines a common syntax (in ASN.1) and format for the cryptographic information and mechanisms to share this information whenever appropriate.
ISO/IEC 7816-15:2004 supports the following capabilities:
storage of multiple instances of cryptographic information in a card;use of the cryptographic information;retrieval of the cryptographic information;cross-referencing of the cryptographic information with DOs defined in ISO/IEC 7816 when appropriate; different authentication mechanisms; andmultiple cryptographic algorithms.

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82.61 € incl tax
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