ISO/IEC TS 30105-9:2023

Information technology — IT Enabled Services-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) lifecycle processes — Part 9: Guidelines on extending process capability assessment for digital transformation

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Valid from 09.06.2023
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This document specifies the essentials of digital transformations and illustrates the key drivers for enhancing the digital transformation capabilities of the organization, while taking account of different stakeholders’ interests. It describes elements that ITES-BPO organizations can include specifically for digital transformation when implementing the lifecycle processes in the ISO/IEC 30105 series, and which can assist the organization in achieving their desired process capability levels, hereafter "maturity levels", as defined by the stakeholders. It provides guidance on process capability assessment for digital transformation for ITES-BPO organizations. Additionally, this document:
—    covers IT enabled business processes that are outsourced;
—    is not intended to address the maturity and capability of the IT processes that support ITES-BPO, but identifies the IT capabilities needed to support the achievement of specific ITES-BPO capabilities;
—    is applicable to the service provider, not to the customer;
—    is applicable to all lifecycle processes of ITES-BPO;
—    provides guidelines to supplement the ISO/IEC 30105-2 process assessment model, enabling assessment of process capability of ITES-BPO organizations undergoing digital transformation.
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169.14 € incl tax
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