ISO/TR 11462-4:2022

Guidelines for implementation of statistical process control (SPC) — Part 4: Reference data sets for measurement process analysis software validation

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Valid from 11.02.2022
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This document describes examples for software validation for software implementing the standards of ISO 22514‑7 on the capability of measurement processes. In detail, the following standards are covered: —    ISO 22514‑7. It provides data sets and test results for testing the implementation of the evaluation methods described in these standards. This includes: a) the calculation of standard uncertainties from other sources (other than experiments – type B – ISO/IECGuide 98‑3); b) the estimation of uncertainty components using repeated measurements on reference parts; c) the estimation of uncertainty components using repeated measurements on multiple parts with different operators and their evaluation using the ANOVA method; d) the combination of uncertainty components using the Gaussian law of uncertainty propagation; e) the calculation of measurement process capability indices; f) the influence of operators on attributive measurements; g) the uncertainty range and capability indices for attributive measurements. The test examples are intended to cover the calculation of the measuring system capability and measurement process capability according to ISO 22514‑7.
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