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ISO/TR 20123:2023

Automation systems and integration — Industrial data — Nuclear digital ecosystem specifications

General information

Valid from 12.09.2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document provides:
—     a review and summary of the adoption of digital methods and technology in the national nuclear sectors;
—     a summary of the state of the art of some of the standards supporting the digital representation and interoperability of industrial data;
—     orientation on the use of these standards for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in order to achieve a nuclear digital ecosystem (NDE);
—     a high-level roadmap of the stages by which this ecosystem can be achieved, taking into account the maturity of the actors of the ecosystem, their relationships and the added value of using advanced standards.
NOTE            The complete reports from the participating entities are presented in Annexes A to G.
This document includes the following:
—     the systems composing the nuclear facilities and their input, output, and other products resulting from interactions in the nuclear system or with its environment;
—     the material accounting and the corresponding requirements;
—     waste management: all types of nuclear waste produced during processes and activities, and their properties are considered for a seamless management of information in the whole value chain of the nuclear ecosystem.

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283.20 € incl tax
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