ISO/TR 21946:2018 et

Information and documentation -- Appraisal for managing records (ISO/TR 21946:2018)

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Valid from 16.09.2019
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ISO/TR 21946:2018
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This document provides guidance on how to carry out appraisal for managing records. It describes some of the products and outcomes that can be delivered using the results of appraisal. As such, this document describes a practical application of the concept of appraisal outlined in ISO 15489-1. This document: a) lists some of the main purposes for appraisal; b) describes the importance of establishing scope for appraisal; c) explains how to analyse business functions and develop an understanding of their context; d) explains how to identify records requirements; e) describes the relationships between records requirements, business functions and work processes; f) explains how to use risk assessment for making decisions related to records; g) lists options for documenting the results of appraisal; h) describes possible uses for the results of appraisal; and i) explains the importance of monitoring and review of the execution of appraisal decisions. This document can be used by all organizations regardless of size, nature of their business activities, or the complexity of their functions and structure.
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