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ISO/TS 9241-620:2023

Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 620: The role of sound for users of interactive systems

General information

Valid from 18.07.2023
Directives or regulations

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This document provides users with a summary of the existing knowledge about ergonomics considerations for the influence of sound in use environments on humans. It describes how unwanted effects of sound (noise) can be controlled. The main goals for controlling the acoustic use environment are reducing the rating level of sound in general, optimizing signal-to-noise ratio and sound reduction within the workspace.
This document also provides users with organizational measures that can be taken if and when technical measures do not help sufficiently. Also included are measures on a personal level.
This document deals with sound events that can cause extra-aural effects. Noise-induced hearing loss prevention and the ways to eliminate or reduce hazardous noise exposure are not covered by this document.
The intended users of this document include:
—     developers of systems, products and services;
—     public and corporate purchasers;
—     occupational health and safety professionals;
—     architects and interior designers;
—     human resource professionals;
—     usability, ergonomics or human factors professionals;
—     users of interactive systems.

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