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Plastics piping systems - Environmental product declarations - Product Category Rules complementary to EN 15804, for buried plastics piping systems

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prEN 16903
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This document provides product category rules (PCR) for Type III environmental product declarations, as described in EN ISO 14025 and EN 15942, for "buried plastics piping systems" intended for buried pressure and non-pressure applications outside building structure. This PCR covers the entire life cycle from cradle to grave for buried plastics piping systems conveying fluids (sewer, water or gas), according to EN 12007, EN 805 or EN 476. NOTE The PCR will be applied to systems composed of products covered by the list of product standards provided in Annex D. This document specifies the rules for the product category of construction products as defined in and is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 15804. As in EN 15804:2012+A2:2019, in addition to the common parts of EN 15804, this document for buried plastics piping systems defines: - the functional unit; - the system boundaries; - the elements of installation; - the transport scenarios for both the raw material and the complete system; - the trench conditions; - reference service life (RSL); - end of life scenarios.
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