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prEN IEC 61340-4-11:2023

Electrostatics - Part 4-11: Standard test methods for specific applications - Testing of electrostatic properties of composite IBC

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prEN IEC 61340-4-11:2023; IEC 61340-4-11 ED1 (101/698/CDV)
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prEN IEC 61340-4-11:2023
This part of IEC 61340 specifies the electrostatic testing, design and safe use requirements for composite intermediate bulk containers (IBC) intended for use in hazardous areas.
Composite IBC are often filled with flammable liquids which can create an explosive atmosphere in the inner receptacle. The design requirements for composite IBC intended for such use are defined in of IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013.
The test procedures described in this document can be used by manufacturers, suppliers and product users for product qualification and compliance verification of new and reconditioned composite IBC. Additionally the requirements of this standard may be used for testing the electrostatic properties of composite IBC, independent of any inspection periods.
Precautions regarding the use of composite IBC (e.g., stirring, cleaning etc.) are defined in of IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013.
Compliance with the requirements of this document does not mitigate the need for full risk assessment.

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