prEN ISO 14982-2

Agricultural and forestry machinery - Electromagnetic compatibility - Part 2: Additional EMC requirements for functional safety (ISO/DIS 14982-2:2021)

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ISO/DIS 14982-2; prEN ISO 14982-2
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This International Standard specifies test methods and acceptance criteria for evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of tractors, and all kinds of mobile (including hand-held) agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, landscaping and gardening machinery [referred to hereafter as machine(s)] as supplied by the machine manufacturer. It is applicable to machines and electrical/electronic sub-assemblies (ESA's) which are manufactured after the date of publication of this International Standard. It specifies additional EMC requirements under aspect of functional safety for machinery, ESA and separate ESAs. This International Standard is only relevant for functions of machine control system failures which when risk assessed to ISO 25119 (or the equivalent when other electronic functional safety standards are used), are greater than or equal to AgPLr b (or the equivalent). Machinery utilizing systems not complying ISO 25119 (or the equivalent), need not test to this part of ISO 14982. Electrical and electronic components or separate ESAs intended to be used in the applicable machinery control functions are also dealt with by this International Standard. The following electromagnetic disturbance phenomena are evaluated: - radiated electromagnetic field by off-board sources with various field strength and frequency; - radiated electromagnetic field by portable transmitters (antenna inside/outside) with various field strength and frequency; - electrical field (wire conducted electrical fields); - electrostatic discharge. This International Standard is not applicable to machines directly supplied with low voltage current from public electrical mains.
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