EVS-EN ISO 13766-2:2018

Earth-moving and building construction machinery - Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of machines with internal electrical power supply - Part 2: Additional EMC requirements for functional safety (ISO 13766-2:2018)

General information
Valid from 18.06.2018
Base Documents
ISO 13766-2:2018; EN ISO 13766-2:2018
Directives or regulations
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)

Standard history

ISO 13766-2:2018 provides test methods and acceptance criteria for the evaluation of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of earth-moving machinery, as defined in ISO 6165:2012, and of the following building construction machinery as classified in ISO/TR 12603:2010:
- drilling and foundation equipment;
- equipment used for the preparation, conveyance and compaction of concrete, mortar and processing reinforcement;
- road construction and maintenance machinery and equipment.
ISO 13766-2:2018 deals with EMC requirements related to the functional safety of the machinery, its electrical/electronic subassemblies (ESA) and of separate ESA.
ISO 13766-2:2018 is relevant only to the safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS) as defined in ISO 13849‑1:2015 using electrical/electronic components which meet design requirements equal to or greater than safety‑related performance level PL b as defined in ISO 13849‑1:2015. It also deals with electrical and electronic components or separate ESA intended to be fitted on machinery under the restriction of PL b. The following electromagnetic disturbance phenomena are evaluated:
- radiated electromagnetic fields from off-board sources with various field strengths and frequencies;
- radiated electromagnetic fields from on-board sources (antenna inside/outside) with various field strengths and frequencies;
- electrostatic discharge;
- conducted and coupled electrical transients.
The machinery can have DC or AC or a combination of both as the internal electrical power supply system.
ISO 13766-2:2018 is not applicable to machines that are designed to be supplied by an external mains network or to phenomena caused by military applications.
NOTE Grid-connected machines are covered by IEC 61000.
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