CEN/TR 16792:2014

Safety of children's clothing - Recommendations for the design and manufacture of children's clothing - Mechanical safety

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CEN/TR 16792:2014
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This Technical Report gives recommendations for the design and manufacture of safe children’s clothing in relation to mechanical hazards. This Technical Report also gives recommendations on safety aspects of the packaging and display of children’s clothing, including guidance for retailers. This Technical Report is applicable to clothing including bonnets, hats, gloves, scarves, socks and other clothing accessories intended for all children up to 14 years of age. It is suggested that dressing up clothes meet the recommendations of this Technical Report in addition to the requirements of EN 71. This Technical Report is intended for use at all stages of the clothing supply chain, including use by designers, specifiers and manufacturers of children’s clothing. It is also intended to be used by importers, distributors and retailers to assist them in the selection of clothing that does not present a hazard. This Technical Report is not applicable to: a) child care articles, such as bibs, nappies and soother holders; b) footwear, such as boots, shoes and slippers; or c) toys and other items sold with the clothing; as these articles are not within the scope of CEN/TC 248. This Technical Report does not include recommendations on any clothing features that might be necessary to cater for children with special needs.
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