CEN/TS 17148:2018

Intelligent Transport Systems - eSafety - ProForma eCall Agreement between TPSP and PARES

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CEN/TS 17148:2018
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This document provides a pro-forma template "Operational Support Agreement" (OSA) for guidance of "Public Authorities responsible for Emergency Services" (PARES) and Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) of third party assisted eCalls who are considering a formal agreement to accept eCall messages from a TPSP.
While the decision as to whether or not to accept eCall from a particular TPSP, and the terms under which such calls are accepted from any particular TPSP remain firmly in the hands of the PARES and the jurisdiction under which it operates, it is considered to be advantageous to start such negotiations from a standard template. This document provides a pro-forma template which a PARES can require from any applicant TPSP, or an applicant TPSP can offer to any PARES that it approaches to request an agreement to accept their eCalls.
NOTE  This pro-forma template is presented as a start point to a formal agreement between a PARES and a TPSP, not the format of the conditions of a final agreement.
CAVEAT: The template that is the subject of this deliverable is advisory, and any agreement between a TPSP and a PARES should be checked by someone legally competent in the jurisdiction that the agreement covers. This document does not claim to be a statement or interpretation of EU law or the national law of any EU Member State. This document is entirely without prejudice to the views of relevant national statutory authorities and their legal functions and powers, whether under EU law or the national law of their Member State.
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