CLC/TS 50131-5-4:2012

Alarm systems - Intrusion and hold-up systems - Part 5-4: System compatibility testing for I&HAS equipments located in supervised premises

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CLC/TS 50131-5-4:2012
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This Technical Specification details methods and tests for compatibility assessment of system components, including a CIE, intended to be used in intruder and hold up alarm systems complying with EN 50131-1. This includes: - I&HAS components for which EN 50131 series product standards exist; - I&HAS components for which no EN 50131 series product standards currently exist; - I&HAS components that include additional functionality outside the scope of EN 50131-1 or shared with another system; - non-I&HAS components used to supplement the functionality of the system, but which are not required by EN 50131-1 (e.g. printer). The assessment and testing covered by this Technical Specification focuses on verifying the functionality of each event type from source to destination between components. It is not intended to repeat specific tests contained within the relevant product standard, but does include the verification that there are no adverse affects on mandatory EN 50131 functions as a result of the intended use of the components. This Technical Specification does not detail the manner in which an I&HAS is designed, installed and used in any particular application. This Technical Specification recognizes that it is not practical to assess the compatibility of components in all possible configurations and conditions. Methods of assessment are specified to reach an acceptable degree of confidence within pre-determined configurations and conditions. This Technical Specification is applicable to components connected to CIE whether the components are interconnected by electrical wires, wire-free links or other means. The test programme developed to assess compatibility may be undertaken as part of a programme to assess the performance of a component according to a part of EN 50131.
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