CLC/TS 50238-3:2022

Railway applications - Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems - Part 3: Compatibility with axle counters

Kehtiv alates 01.02.2022
CLC/TS 50238-3:2022
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For the purpose of demonstrating compatibility between rolling stock and axle counter detectors, this document defines the interference limits and evaluation methods to verify rolling stock emissions. Wheel sensors and crossing loops are not covered by this document. This document gives recommended individual limits to be applied to establish compatibility between RST and all selected types of axle counter detectors, including any covered by national standards. The list of selected types of axle counters and their limits for compatibility are drawn on the basis of established performance criteria. It is expected that the trend for newly signalled interoperable lines will be fitted with types that meet the compatibility limits published in the TSI CCS Interfaces Document (ERA/ERTMS/033281). To ensure adequate operational availability, it is essential that the rolling stock complies with the defined limits; otherwise, the established availability of the valid output function of axle counter detectors may be compromised. NOTE The influences from metal parts or inductively coupled resonant circuits on the vehicle, eddy current brakes or magnetic brakes, are not covered by this document but are considered on the basis of national technical specifications. For wheel sensors and wheel detectors in other applications than axle counters but utilizing the same rail sensors and detectors, transient and continuous interference can be considered as equivalent to axle counter detectors or axle counter sensors.
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