CWA 16180-1:2010

The CEN ORCHID Roadmap Standardising Information Across the Plant Engineering Supply Chain - Part 1: Direction and Framework

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CWA 16180-1:2010
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This document is part of a family of standards consisting of - CWA Part 1. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Direction and Framework (this document) - CWA Part 2. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Implementation Guide - CWA Part 3. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Standards Landscape The scope of the various parameters for the ORCHID Roadmap Part 1 Direction and Framework is defined as follows: - Stakeholders - The process industry supply chain i.e.: plant owners, EPC contractors, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, service companies, software vendors, standardisation consortia, trade associations. This of course is not limited to Europe. It includes process industry globally. - Authorities, regulatory bodies - Standards - All standards that are relevant for the implementation of the Roadmap in practice. - The standards landscape report lists those. - Timeframe - The timeframe covered by the Roadmap - Up until now covers from about 1994 – 2010 - From 2010 – 5-10 years further away - Normative part of document - Annex A. - Annex D. - Not in scope - Real time process and asset information i.e. DCS - Smart equipment i.e. equipment in the field transmitting intelligent information to a central unit about conditions in the field. - Part of transition standards - The business process used by supply chain participants to create information - Standardisation of process flow scheme designs such as progressed by CAPE. Although this is an important subject, it was not included in the study in order for the project to be feasible.
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