EVS-EN 13001-3-4:2018

Kraanad. Üldine ehitus. Osa 3-4: Masinate piirseisundid ja kõlblikkuse tõendamine. Laagrid

Kehtiv alates 19.12.2018
EN 13001-3-4:2018
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This document is to be used together with EN 13001-1 and EN 13001-2 and as such they specify general conditions, requirements and methods to prevent mechanical hazards of cranes by design and theoretical verification. NOTE 1 Specific requirements for particular types of crane are given in the appropriate European Standard for the particular crane type. This document covers bearings in cranes. It is not intended for bearings being part of standard components, e.g. gearboxes, motors - however those bearings shall be designed using load actions from EN 13001-2 and classification parameters of EN 13001-1. NOTE 2 EN 13001-3-7 is under preparation for gears and gearboxes and deals with load actions for bearings in gear boxes. The following is a list of significant hazardous situations and hazardous events that could result in risks to persons during intended use and reasonably foreseeable misuse. Clauses 4 to 7 of this document are necessary to reduce or eliminate risks associated with the following hazards: - exceeding the limits of strength (yield, ultimate, fatigue); - exceeding temperature limits of material or components; - elastic instability of the crane or its parts (buckling, bulging). This document is not applicable to cranes which are manufactured before the date of its publication as an EN and serves as reference base for the European Standards for particular crane types (see Annex D). NOTE EN 13001-3-4 deals only with limit state method in accordance with EN 13001-1.
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