EVS-EN 13979-1:2023

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Kehtiv alates 29.12.2023
EN 13979-1:2023
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This document specifies a design assessment procedure of a forged and rolled monobloc wheel (RST). This assessment is carried out before the wheel is commissioned. This document describes, in particular, the assessment to be performed in order to use wheels on a European network which, in addition, have quality requirements in conformity with those defined in EN 13262.
This assessment requires that the conditions of use for the wheel are defined and this standard provides a method for defining those conditions.
The assessment of the design covers four aspects:
- a geometrical aspect: to allow interchangeability of different solutions for the same application;
­- a thermomechanical aspect: to manage wheel deformations and to ensure that braking will not cause wheels to fracture;
- a mechanical aspect: to ensure that no fatigue cracks occur in the wheel web and that no permanent deformation occurs under exceptional loading;
- an acoustic aspect: to ensure that the solution chosen is as good as the reference wheel.
This document does not cover assessment of the hub or of the rim.
This document has been drawn up for wheels of non­powered tread­braked wheelsets and applies in full to this type of wheel. For wheels on which disc brakes are mounted or toothed transmission wheels or even wheels with noise reduction devices, the requirements may be amended or supplemented.
For urban railway vehicles, other standards or documents may be used.
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