EVS-EN 15429-4:2015

Sweepers - Part 4: Symbols for operator controls and other displays

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EN 15429-4:2015
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This European Standard applies to surface cleaning machines for outdoor applications in public areas, roads, airports and industrial complexes. Cleaning machines for winter maintenance and/or indoor applications are not included within the scope of this European Standard. Surface cleaning machines in terms of this standard, are self-propelled, truck mounted, attached sweeping equipment or pedestrian controlled as disclosed in EN 15429-1. Surface cleaning machines by way of their function, have specialized equipment necessary to perform their task. This European Standard deals with graphical symbols uniquely used to indicate the function and status of operator controls and tell-tale displays of the specialized equipment. Common symbols that are included in other standards and applied to a wider range of machines are not included. Typically, symbols in this category that may equally be applied to surface cleaning machines can be found in ISO 2575 Road vehicles – Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales, and ISO 6405 Earth moving machinery – Symbols for operator and other displays – Part 1: Common Symbols. This European Standard does not apply to machines or components that are specifically designed for cleaning tramlines and rail tracks. Industrial sweepers, within the scope of EN 60335-2-72 are excluded from this European Standard. This European Standard applies to machines manufactured after the approval date of the standard by CEN.
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