EVS-EN 16309:2014+A1:2014

Sustainability of construction works - Assessment of social performance of buildings - Calculation methodology

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EN 16309:2014+A1:2014
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This European Standard is one part of a suite of European Standards. The standard provides the specific methods and requirements for the assessment of social performance of a building while taking into account the building’s functionality and technical characteristics.
This European Standard applies to all types of buildings, both new and existing. In this first version of the standard, the social dimension of sustainability concentrates on the assessment of aspects and impacts for the use stage of a building expressed using the following social performance categories (from EN 15643 3):
-  accessibility;
-  adaptability;
-  health and comfort;
-  impacts on the neighbourhood;
-  maintenance;
-  safety and security.
NOTE 1  Only impacts and aspects of the above social performance categories are deemed to have an agreed basis for European standardization at this time. Two of the social performance categories included in EN 15643–3 (sourcing of materials and services and stakeholder involvement) are not deemed to be ready for standardization at this time and will be considered for inclusion in future versions of this standard (see informative Annex C).
This standard does not set the rules for how building assessment schemes may provide valuation methods. Nor does it prescribe levels, classes or benchmarks of performance.
Valuation methods, levels, classes or benchmarks may be prescribed in the requirements for environmental, social and economic performance in the client’s brief, building regulations, national standards, national codes of practice, building assessment and certification schemes, etc.
NOTE 2  Where National building regulations give minimum requirements and reference to assessment methods on these aspects, the social performance determined by assessment according to this standard can be used to determine the degree to which the building goes beyond the regulatory/legal requirements.
The corporate social responsibility (CSR) of organizations is not covered by this standard.
The standard gives requirements for:
-  the description of the object of assessment;
-  the system boundary that applies at the building level;
-  the list of indicators and procedures for the application of these indicators;
-  the presentation of the results in reporting and communication;
-  the data necessary for the application of the standard, and
-  verification.
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